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Игру добавил Defuser222 [1155|23] | 2017-11-04 (обновлено) | Экшен (FPS, TPS) (1850) | Просмотров: 8842

Realm of Rulers v0.11.1 [Alpha]

• Название игры / Game name: Realm of Rulers v0.11.1 [Alpha]
• Год выхода / Release date: 2017
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (51) от Alchemical Interactive (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Экшен (FPS, TPS) (1850); Ролевые игры (RPG) (718); Стратегии (821)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 1022.67 Мб.

Realm of Rulers - песочница от первого лица в средневековом фэнтези сеттинге, где Вы попробуете себя в роли основателя города. Постройте город с нуля, управляйте ресурсами и населением и создайте в конце концов мир, который будет контролировать себя самостоятельно путем взаимодействия жителей, сбора ресурсов с помощью ИИ, переработки ресурсов и т.п.

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с 0.11 до 0.11.1. Список изменений внутри.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский
Движок: Unreal Engine 4

Realm of Rulers 0.11.1 Hotfix Patch

Realm of Rulers 0.11.1

This is a very small hotfix patch for some issues that were found since releasing 0.11.

All of these issues were found by the community and have been addressed. If you find any more glitches or issues with the new content or existing content let us know on the forums!

Thank you to all players who test and give feedback! It is invaluable and helps us greatly. We hope you enjoy Realm of Rulers!

Fixed Fov colour glitch reported by Halfmedia, EbonyVortex and Trolox
Fixed Loot chests giving incorrect material amounts reported by shayoko

Version 0.11
Added new woodworking station
Added new tier two resource (oak planks)
Re balanced building prices
Re balanced crafting prices
Added new tier one tools (stone axe and stone pickaxe)
Moved iron tools to tier two
Re worked graphics for tables and stations

Version 0.10.1

Fixed Save and load scale issues for marketplace and traders reported by genises150
Fixed market not being destroyable reported by genises150
Fixed UI scaling issues for smaller resolutions reported by mr.wallhacks gaming
Fixed Tools and Weapons regenerating durability reported by genises150
Fixed default fov issues in graphics options menu
Added new lore page

Realm of Rulers 0.10 Alpha Update

Version 0.10 Update

Realm of Rulers 0.10 brings new exciting features such as currency, trading with NPC merchants, first stage weather systems, FOV adjustment, further GPU based optimization, interface graphic overhauls and the push from pre alpha gameplay to a more rounded alpha experience.

NPC Merchants and Currency

The first stage of NPC traders and merchants is fully implemented in version 0.10 They trade with the new gold coin currency which can be obtained by selling your own resources on a buildable market stall through the build menu or stolen from outlaw chests!

Each town, camp and city has their own set of resources giving the merchants variety based on where you are the in the game.

All systems like this will be improved and added to in future updates to widen the range of gameplay possibilities.

If you have any suggestions for new buildings or npcs let us know on our forums!

Weather Systems

0.10 brings new first pass weather systems giving the ability for us to add more graphical variety when improving the feel of the game world. We want to make the game world as real and immersive as possible which means rain and other weather effects that are coming in future patches should help to achieve this.

In 0.10, rain and the atmosphere that comes along aside has been fully implemented along with audio ambiance tweaks for most ambient sounds we have in the game.

Interface Graphical Overhaul

For this patch we thought to improve the look for new and existing users we would spruce up some of the legacy interfaces that have been left untouched from being feature complete.

Some of the interfaces that we have revamped have been in the game since patch 0.1.4. This was a highly needed change for important interfaces such as the build menu and forge which players would use in every play session.

Other Improvements

We have been working hard on GPU based optimization to improve performance over many device specs. We have implemented a new field of view slider to increase the options given to the player for changing how they would like to play. Other fixes include clipping issues in cave meshes, post process prioritization issues, and shadow performance.


Added Shop keeper NPCs
Added Shop Keeper Inventory varieties
Added merchants to Myrefall
Added merchants to South Warren
Implemented new NPC Citizen Interaction Interface v1
Add New Coin Counter to Inventory
Updated recipe datatables with crafting table, food table and building information
Fixed item naming discrepancies
-Updated placeholder graphics and text Barracks interface
Updated placeholder graphics and text Furnace interface
Updated placeholder graphics and text fast travel interface
Updated placeholder graphics and text for construction menu
Implemented new rain weather system
Added coin drops to outlaw chests
Added market interface
Changed construction menu category names
Added new sprint stamina system
Added Ambient Cave Sounds
Added Ambient Rain Sounds
Implemented Ambient sound manager
Scroll wheel now highlights hotkey that is selected
Fixed Options menu save button not returning to main menu
Optimized Outlaw Spawner System
Added FOV to settings menu
Fixed post process prioritization issues
Fixed a few cave clipping issues
Further work on GPU based optimization
Improved shadow performance
Mesh LOD improvements
Thanks for reading our devlog!

We are working hard to get the best experience possible for Realm of Rulers! If you have any questions or problems make sure to ask them on our forums! We will show more of whats to come very soon!

Realm of Rulers 0.9

Second phase optimization (ongoing improvements):
Tree lod rework (large improvement on framerate)
Misc foliage material tweaks for improved performance
Tweaked landscape lod distances to improve mesh performance.
Tweaked and reduced functions running on tick to improve performance
Tweaked foliage shadow distances and resolution
Reworked foliage LOD meshes
Improved game actor culling distances to improve draw performance
Added Scroll wheel through items on hotbar
Fixed Atlas buttons not pressing in some instances
Updated town manager UI with new font and graphics
Added 3 new lore pages that can be found scattered around the game world
Added citizen manager functions for blacksmith
Added blacksmith as trainable citizen
Fixed inventory not closing when forge interface closes. Found by TheDarkPants
Found and fixed some AI resource gathering path issues - Ongoing - Reported by utterbob
Fixed inventory glitch restricting mouse movement on close. Reported by TheDarkPants

Realm of Rulers 0.8

Added atlas system
Added achievements, npcs, locations and objects to atlas
Buffed ore chances from player and NPCs
Reworked cooking station interface
Added new two floor building
Food crafting items moved to cooking interface
Added player storage system and chest
Fixed Sword remaining on player if even if used up when training guards found by eidobunny
Added new screen marker system
Added new construction sound
Added first pass of in game lore for towns and locations
Added first pass of achievements
Increased the size of south warren
Fixed fog enabling at the wrong time when sleeping
Started first pass on new landscape geometry
Added moon and night atmospheric lighting effects
Changed oak tree mesh
Fixed tree collisions blocking players and AI
Fixed icons and durability bars on hotkeys disappearing after drag and drop
Increased outlaw area tracking radius

Realm of Rulers 0.7.1

Fixed issues with interaction pickup system
Fixed tavern scaling issues when loading save games
Fixed incorrect seam lines on myrefall cave meshes
Fixed guide book not showing the mouse in some instances
Fixed guide book showing text every time you open and close it
Fixed initial drag and drop hotkeys not assigning correctly
Fixed initial FPS drop when loading in saves

Realm of Rulers 0.7

Fixed ai getting stuck on top of storage shed
Fixed AI standing still
Balanced sword damage
Balanced ore chances and amounts
Adjusted carrot seed icon
Adjusted outlaw death delay
Fixed post process application issues
Increased fall damage values
Fixed fall damage timer not stopping on game pause
Fixed z order of crafting menu blurring
Added z key to toggle to freemode construction
Make walking sound not
Fixed motion blur turning off regardless of users option
Fixed depth of field turning off regardless of users option
Save slots are greyed out if the slot doesn’t contain any save game
Reworked construction mode with ground snapping
Adjusted spawn chest to give 2 axes and a hammer
Fixed graphical options menu getting stuck and preventing the menu to be closed
Help book pops up automatically when the player opens the starting chest
Default render scale is 75% to initially improve performance
Fixed farmers getting stuck on null path collision bounds
Increased durability amount for all items
Fixed music state not saving over multiple sessions
Added new sickle item to gather barley faster
Time of day now saves to slots
Removed item dragging on furnaces as this caused many game crashes (Press escape or the x button on the furnace interface to get your items back)
Adjusted player lighting and torch intensity (Lens flares were too powerful)
Added citizen count to statistics page of guide book
Added new mountain top forest area
Added mountain top forest area outlaw camps
Added large outlaw base (The haven)
Fixed some null reference inventory warnings
Fixed some null reference hotkey errors
Made walking sounds stop playing while in the air, falling or jumping (Found by Chun)
Pretty large changelog this update!

Realm of Rulers 0.6.0

Reworked Farmer AI
New Cook AI
Changed farmer name to gatherer
Three new seed types
Three new uncooked and cooked food types
Fixed graphics options not saving over seperate sessions which set themselves back to medium (Found by deathsavior)
Fixed texture quality drop down not pressing (Found by deathsavior)
Adjusted the spacing of the town hall menu to accommodate two new AI types.
Degradable tools
Three colour variations for male AI citizens clothes
New borders hotkeys
Fixed issues of new spawning farm plots going underneath the floor
Fall damage (suggested by deathsavior)
Increased AI prices to make gatherers more useful
Fixed close button on crafting menu (Found by sagacity)
New leaderboard system
New low health indicator
Changed wood icon
Added outlaws to warren mines
Fixed some distance culling issues with myrefall

Realm of Rulers 0.5.1 Hotfix Patch

Realm of Rulers 0.5.1

This is a very small hotfix patch for some major issues that were found since releasing 0.5.

All of these issues were found quickly and have been addressed. If you find any more glitches or issues with the new content or existing content let us know on the forums!

New content

During the time that the update was out a new piece of content was being developed for 0.6.

However as we are releasing this hotfix patch we thought it would be suitable to release this now.

The new feature that we added was the ability for outlaws to drop items when they die.

This is using the new droppable item system so it will be familiar to any players who have experienced this content before!

Thank you to all players who test and give feedback! It is invaluable and helps us greatly. We hope you enjoy Realm of Rulers!


Outlaw raiders have a chance to drop items on death
Fixed outlaw raid causing some sessions to crash
Fixed outlaw raids spawning at the start of a session repeatedly
Fixed guards wandering too far off after a raid under certain situations
Reduced the frequency of outlaw raids

Realm of Rulers 0.5 Update

Update 0.5 brings new 4.15 Unreal Engine features, the first phase of optimization, NPC guards, outlaw raids, the first iteration of the music system, dropping items and other bug fixes!

There were many ideas that we had for this update and they took a lot longer than anticipated to implement!

Outlaw raids took quite a while but was worth it. Outlaw raiding gave the world a persistent threat as many players where getting too comfortable in the wilderness.

NPC guards were logically the next step as the player couldn’t protect their entire population by themselves. We also implemented a few ideas from the forums such as item dropping.

This patch has changed many core areas of Realm of Rulers so bugs are going to occur!

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions please report them on our forums!

Community Spotlight

This community spotlight goes to forum user and youtuber kobe_skrobe! This user has created videos for the last few realm of rulers updates which should help players that are new or existing with new features and gameplay!

You can view kobe_skrobe’s channel by clicking here.

We hope you will enjoy playing the latest version of Realm of Rulers!


Adjusted wells and cooking stations resource creation to 10 per 30 seconds from 5.
Droppable items to free inventory space
Optimisation phase 1: Improving lod and draw calls
Hammer destroys torches correctly
Hammer exiles citizens correctly
Music system 1.0
NPC Guards
Outlaw raiding
Outlaws kill citizens
Fixed furnace deleting some items
Fixed cave entrances being culled via distance culling
Fixed lumberjack freezing inside of storage shed on spawn
Added counter for guards inside of the town hall management screen
Added barracks buildable
Added barracks interface
Fixed game frame draw time issue when spawning lumberjacks
Improved the speed that npcs find their target resource

Realm of Rulers 0.4 Pre Alpha Update

Realm of Rulers 0.4 Update

Update 0.4 brings necessary features to Realm of Rulers which improves existing features and unlocks a wide range of game play possibilities for the future.

The main features added are the crafting system, the customisable hot bar and the new cooking station interface. The original idea for this update was just to add the new hot bar in with drag and droppable tools. This ended up being too little content to add so we added more features and fixed many issues that the community had suggested on the forums.

Community Spotlight
This community spotlight goes to forum user gamia! This user has contributed their historic knowledge of professions and roles within society with two detailed posts! Click here to view their posts! (post 1) (post 2)
We hope you will enjoy playing the latest version of Realm of Rulers!

Adjusted wall and gate prices
Fixed infinite building spawn glitch (found by cheff)
Crouch feature added back in
Sleeping regens health to full
Blacksmiths make bricks automatically
Cooking stations now cost barley
Bread gives the player health when eaten
Fixed some issues where inventory values weren’t updated often enough
Citizens can now be exiled with the destroy tool
Hotkeys system with drag and droppable items
Cooking station new interface
Cooking station can cook food items
New Crafting interface
New Crafting bench buildable
Fixed some issues with furnace slots removing items
Added five more outlaw camps to make combat more common out in the world.
Fixed holes in caves not showing with lower graphics options
Added in the first weapon type (Sword)
Moved the build text to the left side to stop players’ view being restricted
Added in new loading screen images to show new players in game locations
Reworked prices for standing torch
Added stealth combat with enemy outlaw NPCs
Added outlaw NPC radius awareness to make the outlaws react to the player if they are nearby
Added players belongings chest to give a fresh save file the starting items
Added in new item and tool icons
Added in starting items for previous version save files

Realm of Rulers 0.3 Pre Alpha Update

Realm of Rulers 0.3 Update

This update has taken quite a while and we apologize for making all of the community wait so long for the new content!

We have added more buildings, areas to explore, resources and important systems which all needed thorough testing to make sure they are ready for all to play with!

The 32bit version is still being tested but there will be another devlog post about that particular version soon.

We hope you will enjoy playing the latest version of Realm of Rulers!

New Features

Buildings snap to the angle of the floor
Buildings snap to the height of the floor (No more floating buildings)
Player health system
Basic combat system
New clay and brick resources
Explorable caves and towns
Loot chests with random amounts of items
Moving buildings closer and further away with the mouse wheel
Drastically faster load times for slower computers
Save slot system with six save slots
AI outlaws
Wooden walls and gates
Ocean around the world
Fixes for AI getting stuck or frozen in place
New main menu graphics
Button in the options menu to get you unstuck
Hired a new blacksmith as the old one stole all of your ore!

Realm of Rulers Is Back! 0.2.2 Available to Download NOW!

In patch 0.2.2 we have completely reworked all of the existing models as we believed that they weren’t at the quality that we were looking for. This took some time but we think this will make the game look much nicer!

We have also added the new water and food system. You can now harvest berries from bright red bushes and the new Cooking Station building. Water can be collected automatically from the well also in the build menu! If you do not have enough resources to sustain your citizens they will die so make sure you are building enough wells and cooking stations for the food and water required!

Your settlement (previously known as a town hall) holds information about how much water and food you are using and how much water and food you have in storage. You can upgrade your water and food maximum amount with their respective storage buildings in the resource section of the build menu.

A widely requested fix was the time of day. Night time was very long and was annoying for play so in this patch we have shortened the night and implemented a basic sleeping system. To sleep at night just go up to the left tent at your settlement (previously known as a town hall) and press f to sleep! This resets the time to day but your villagers also go to sleep so they will not gather any resources during the time slept!

The newest citizen type is the metal worker. He automatically goes from your storage shed to your blacksmith and turns iron ore into iron bars!

We have also fixed a fair few bugs to make the gameplay more stable! We hope you really enjoy this patch as we have been working hard on it!

For future notice we use UTC time for releases so it might be different in your time zone!

0.2.1 Hotfix Released!

We have been busy fixing some small bugs and this new release solves a few problems that some users had!

All tools can harvest resources
No text to show if you don’t have enough resources
No text to show which button to press to place a building
All of these problems have been rectified and are in this new 0.2.1 patch!

Thanks for all of your great feedback and thanks for playing!


Realm of Rulers is an early access Medieval Fantasy City Building game where you are the baron of a new town and your job is to manage the town's resources and population to try and create a world that will control itself through NPC interactions, AI gathering, refining and construction.

This game has been in development since the 1st of December 2016. All graphics features and gameplay are subject to improvement and change!

User Feedback
As the game is early access features are still being implemented. If you have any suggestions or feedback we would love to hear it! We have a new forum so post your feedback here: http://realmofrulers.boards.net/

Action Keys
Movement WASD
Menu Esc
Axe 1
Pickaxe 2
Destroy Tool 3
Torch 4
Starting Help Guide 5
Interact F
Build Menu V
Inventory B
Harvest LMB
Rotate Building Left Q
Rotate Building Right E
Place Building F

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Комментарии игроков (3 шт.)

От: CnupT [1|0] | Дата 2017-10-27 04:04:53

Как по мне игра несколько сыровата, хотя проект выглядит весьма перспективно. Если у разрабов хватит сил, терпения и средств довершить начатое - то нас ожидает очень хорошая игруля!
От: MPS [29|5] | Дата 2017-08-31 07:42:47

Realm of Rulers v0.10 Крайне сырая версия.
• Статические объекты, почти полностью отсутствует анимация ИИ.
• ИИ Линеен (Идёт по прямой) и полностью отсутствует возможность им управления, да и вообще взаимодействия не возможны с ИИ, говоря проще: Если катнуть шар по столу, его движение будет более Интеллектуально, чем ИИ в этой версии игры.
• Разрушаемость полностью отсутствует, Деревья не рубятся, камни не колятся, трава не срезается, и так далее. Все ресурсы добываются как из "рога изобилия".
• Очень плохое управление.
К сожалению играбельной её не назовёшь. Да и проектов таких много.
От: fox22 [1|0] | Дата 2017-04-15 21:15:03

Keeps getting better, starting to really like were this game is going

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