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Скачать бесплатно игру Call to Arms v0.811 - игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 10.0 (4)
Игру добавил Elektra [3536|24] | 2016-03-22 (обновлено) | Стратегии (822) | Просмотров: 15338

Call to Arms v0.811

• Название игры / Game name: Call to Arms v0.811
• Год выхода / Release date: 2016
• Разработчик / Developer: DigitalMindSoft (4)
• Жанр / Genre: Стратегии (822)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 7.7 Гб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10
(всего голосов: 4)
• Похожие игры:
- В тылу врага 2: Штурм v2.05.15 + 6 DLC / Men of War: Assault Squad / +GOG
- Men of War: Assault Squad 2 v3.262.0 + All DLCs / В тылу врага: Штурм 2 v3.262.0 + All DLCs
- Men of War: Vietnam. Special Edition v1.00.2 / Диверсанты: Вьетнам. Специальное Издание v1.00.2
- Men of War: Condemned Heroes v1.00.2 / Штрафбат v1.00.2

Call to Arms - новая стратегия в реальном времени от авторов знаменитой серии Men of War, разрабатываемая на абсолютно новом игровом движке. Разработчики обещают две фракции и более 20 реалистичных моделей транспортных средств. Кроме того, присутствует арсенал из 60 видов вооружения, а пользователи могут контролировать отдельные боевые единицы лично.

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с Альфа v0.800 до Бета v0.811. Список изменений внутри новости.

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Call to Arms – тактическая стратегия в реальном времени с элементами экшена, события которой разворачиваются в современном мире. Здесь вам будет доступно две основные играбельные фракции, около 20 реалистичных моделей транспортных средств, более 60 видов вооружения, поддержка моддинга, а также редактор миссий и карт. Call to Arms позволит вам командовать своими подразделениями в режиме классической РПГ или же путем непосредственного контроля индивидуальной боевой единицы, будь-то солдат или танк, с видом от 3-го лица.

Язык интерфейса Английский.
Язык озвучки: Английский.

• Все подробности здесь.
• Added first 5 singleplayer missions to regular edition
• Added new mission to deluxe edition
• Added unlimited range damage to small arms
• Added new music
• Added new civilian car
• Added new FX
• Added several new buildings
• Added new skybox
• Added new squad icons
• Added new sky textures
• Added new environment map textures
• Added new water (ocean simulation will be added later)
• Added new tank crosshairs
• Added mission preview images and other GUI elements
• Added new players list in session screen
• Added auto join slots in session screen
• Added grass draw distance is now controlled through the level_of_detail.set
• Added direct control zoom factor appiled for grass clip distance
• Added support for image resize on loading to surface
• Added resupply non ammo items to tanks depending on .def file
• Added better support for multiple machine guns for vehicles
• Added 3rd person compass
• Added tank view for car, armored_car and tank
• Added damaged parts to tank view
• Added pulsing damaged part on repair
• Added sky color, intencity and azimuth environment paramters; removed outdated paramters
• Added support for PNG textures
• Added friendly fire hitmarker
• Added sky texture quality application
• Added DoF now also blurs the scene, when entering pause menu in-game
• Added "level down" button to land polygon tool
• Added a reflection factor for water planes
• Added Steam startup parameters support for new ui
• Added invite option to chat lobby friends
• Added timeouts for session connection dialog
• Added {autopause} flag for particle view
• Added a button to the editor to reset all unit inventories
• Added disabled parameter to control.reg to disable third person control for vehicles, humans or overall
• Added ESC and mouse button 4 for leaving pages and to close game
• Added new 3rd person DOF
• Added minimap creation code
• Changed the traceFreq from a [0;1] float value to an integer value
• Changed disable veterancy marker above infantry on 3rd person.
• Changed map dialog in session screen
• Changed 2D texture for sky
• Changed APCs to be able to re-supply tanks and other vehicles
• Changed auto-cannons to use health damage modifier to balance them
• Increased range of AT rocket launchers by 5m
• Increased crew load of Humvee from 3 to 5
• Increased resources in Last Man Standing
• Increased max payback if player has no troops
• Reduced damage of M4A1 ACOG from 185 HP to 175 HP
• Reduced damage of FAL from 185 to 175 HP
• Reduced damage of small arms closer than 50% of their range
• Reworked ATGM set-up
• Reworked LOD settings
• Reworked environments
• Removed unit lock restriction for ranked games
• Removed microphone icon for AI players
• Removed XP on kill message
• Fixed many vehicle issues
• Fixed several object issues
• Fixed several mission issues
• Fixed flickering when changing banner in singleplayer menu
• Fixed missing game settings in singleplayer menu
• Fixed allow friends to join protected games
• Fixed status dialog background blink
• Fixed change rnd seed after session restart
• Fixed bots are listed in session chat
• Fixed playing more than 32 unique music files per game launch
• Fixed unnesessary memory copying and tag creation
• Fixed skin not reset in some situations
• Fixed confirmation when leaving session
• Fixed disable unit commands during scenarios
• Fixed rendering of ground in water reflection when the haze is on
• Fixed view distance after changing settings
• Fixed render text with opacity
• Fixed talk dialoges are now removed when you access the menu
• Fixed incorrect 'default' window size
• Fixed bot users not removed from clients in evacuation mode
• Fixed flag counters to Armored Warfare
• Fixed AT rocket launcher far shooting exploit
• Fixed crash on aimer update after skeleton change
• Fixed crash on multiplayer startup
• Fixed crash on occlusion detector release
• Fixed crash on join session
• Fixed crash when WM_SIZE received before options initialized
• Added all new vehicle sounds: engine, guns etc.
• Improved some interface elements
• Reduced small arms accuracy on long distance
• Reduced turret rotation speed of vehicles
• Fixed campaign buttons to be disabled if user doesn't have deluxe edition
• Fixed wrong accuracy of MK19 with optics
• Fixed crash on mission continue
• Fixed crash on load game from in-game menu
• Fixed crash on load game from singleplayer screen
• Fixed crash on restart from in-game menu
• Fixed several issues with vehicles
• Added new main menu interface (work in progress!!)
• Added T-80BV
• Added T-80U
• Added M1A2 Abrams
• Added M1A2 Abrams TUSK
• Added speed, gravity and bullet_view to ammo depended weapon parameters
• Added guided missiles
• Added 3d model of 15mm AP shell
• Added Mil MI35
• Added new city building
• Added new office building
• Added civilian bus model
• Added bullet ricochet off-ground;
• Added light anti-armour tag to M107A1
• Added hint if you hover xp bar: how much XP to next level
• Added highlight for fortifiable entities when the ability is active
• Added no unit loss condition to evac
• Added render to buffer render context operation
• Added pause for camera frames, means pause before transition no next frame starts
• Added the ability to create fortifications (engineers) on flags and FOBs
• Added display of unlock you will receive next level on xp bar hover
• Changed weapon muzzle speeds to be realistic
• Changed tracers to behave more realistic (no tracers for most weapons, work in progress)
• Changed enable chatwheel in third person control
• Changed fortification radius to float
• Changed capturing an ammo crate in Evac now gives you +20%
• Changed the fortification built time indicator to a progress bar
• Changed entity/ground material ricochet angle defaults to hit angle
• Changed that you can now order multiple engineers at once to build
• Changed that engineers will simply walk to the target location when they cannot find cover nearby
• Changed when zooming in/out, the view distance now gets interpolated instead of switched
• Changed 'steam profile' option on right click on user in friendlist to be seperated
• Increased HE damage of TOWs
• Increased reload times of TOWs
• Increased price of technical SPG-9 from 300 MP to 350 MP
• Reduced price of technical ZPU from 500 MP to 450 MP
• Reduced run speed of infantry
• Reworked LODing
• Removed fog of war and silhouttes in third person zoom
• Removed bloom
• Removed healthbars on enemies
• Fixed decal update on crater spawn
• Fixed integer division in both ammunition and evacuation game modes
• Fixed that TOWs were able to ricochet
• Fixed several map/mission issues
• Fixed oos in coop related to scenario
• Fixed editor not running without steam
• Fixed weapons have no translucency under spawn shield
• Fixed crash in editor when deleting the fortification object during construction
• Fixed crash in scene fader on scenario end
• Fixed crash in bot service when no vehicle budgets available
• Fixed crash when unknown weapon aimer used
• Fixed crash on startup with AA options
• Fixed crash when lod list is empty
• Added 2 new singleplayer missions
• Added new multiplayer 4v4 map
• Added Technical ZPU
• Added civilian human models
• Added new 3d models for ammo
• Added several main guns and adjusted old ones
• Added new font in preparation of new interface
• Added HEAT and TOW tank ammo
• Added HE shells for auto-cannons
• Added updated bushes
• Added new FX
• Added new buildings
• Added xml parsing library
• Added the fortification ability
• Added foliage translucency
• Added weapon description to ammo text below crosshair
• Added display ammo in third person control
• Added a right-click menu for the chat messages that lets the user copy the text
• Added a new budget mode "fullpayback"
• Added reloading animation for third person control.
• Added the option showEnvironmentMap under sky in the Environment settings
• Added a new layer for handling visual zoom effects in 3rd person
• Added fov based zoom
• Changed minimal resolution to 1280x720
• Changed unit name in buy menu for call to arms from black to white
• Changed "globalEnvoironment" will no longer override the value set in "texture"
• Changed TOW rocket fly physics
• Changed gun penetration table to reflect 3rd person unlimited range
• Changed middle bar in third person control
• Increased bullet damage of weapons beyond 40% of their max range
• Increased damage of SPG9 Frag grenade
• Reduced splash damage of AP shells of auto-cannons
• Removed no-unit lose condition in Last Man Standing
• Fixed broken burst accuracy of auto-cannons
• Fixed rendering order for text and background
• Fixed disable manual control on game end
• Fixed crash on windows size change
• Fixed crash in texture browser dialog
• Fixed don't show unit highlight in third person
• Fixed abilities registration issue
• Fixed bullet detonation check for those without explicitly set projectile damage
• Fixed units will try to equip a weapon after shooting a bazooka
• Fixed lobby full mechanism now considers reserved slots correctly
• Fixed that you can no longer "Open" a slot if it can't accept human players
• Fixed closed and reserved slots now count as unavailable in the lobby viewer
• Fixed material id flags overflow
• Fixed bots via singleplayer skirmish lobbies
• Fixed several map issues
• Fixed several object issues
• Added civilian human models
• Added speedboat
• Added 2 new buildings
• Added clip cursor when in third person control to prevent window from loosing focus (in windowed mode)
• Added a MP/sec bonus to KOTH when capping
• Added Extraction gamemode
• Increased the selection rectangle treshold to 25 pixels
• Increased the selection circle value limitations
• Improved Skirmish menu functionality
• Fixed an issue with assign armies to DM bots
• Fixed selecting assigned groups now require a double-button press to position the camera on them
• Fixed rendering issues on dx10
• Fixed bug with aiming range indicator in third person control
• Fixed sprite timer corruption in multithreaded environment
• Fixed minor memory leak
• Added Mil Mi-17
• Added new multiplayer map 4v4 Military Base
• Added a deathmatch mode (King of the Hill)
• Added all missing tree LODs
• Added new FX
• Added some clarification to the LOD selection menu in the editor
• Added Windows API instead of DirectInput
• Added new font rendering with textured trianglestrips
• Fixed temporarily disable of CrewAbility (source of oos)
• Fixed that chatwheel now deactivates if it loses focus
• Fixed crash wit hcustom antialiasing enabled
• Fixed crash when Steam disconnects
• Fixed particle generation for flamethrower
• Fixed drop down menu in user statistics
• Fixed performance issue with marks
• Fixed a few model issues
• Fixed some mission issues
• Added several new objects
• Added shields to technicals
• Added PKMT to GRM vehicles
• Added additional LODS for trees
• Fixed issues with some models
• Fixed broken Last Man Standing mode
• Added 4th singleplayer mission
• Added PKMT
• Added M134D
• Added AGS30
• Added M2HB for auto turrets (increased range and accuracy)
• Added MK19 for auto turrets (increased range and accuracy)
• Added new model for meat
• Added version change detection
• Added story dialog in the load screen
• Added proper re-supply for singleplayer
• Added capping ammunition points now causes event history messages with green/red background (last man standing)
• Added several damage states to objects
• Added first improved loding for trees
• Changed improved third person control: objects between camera and vehicle don't affect aiming
• Changed temporarily remove AI controlled fire when in third person control (for testing)
• Fixed Ammo Drop, Enemy Capturing your base flag and base flag captured messages are now displayed in the top center of the screen (last man standing)
• Fixed no longer displays a message when you recap your own base flag (last man standing)
• Fixed captured ammo points lose their minimap icon and their icon (last man standing)
• Fixed the "enemy team is winning" message being displayed too soon (last man standing)
• Fixed delete empty files after syncing if I/O operation failed
• Fixed for copying entities with boarder animation in editor
• Fixed do not ping client with different game version
• Fixed game sometimes freeze on minidump creation
• Fixed crash in showchatwheel
• Fixed some model errors
• Added several improvements to Last Man Standing mode
• Added new FX
• Improved speculars on human skins
• Fixed pack/unpack on unicode systems
• Fixed mod maxGameVersion check
• Fixed grenade visualizer for multiple grenade throwers
• Added BMP-2
• Added M2A3 Bradley
• Added GRM tankman 3d model
• Added a new gamemode (work in progress)
• Added advanced debugging
• Added a first version of a selection circle, intended for steam controller
• Added right mouse menus for players in session slots
• Added the inactivity_timeout changeable though the gamemode .set files
• Added 30 sec charge timer to GRM t1
• Fixed workshop downloading (xx.x%) wasn't displayed correctly
• Fixed camera on release of third person control
• Fixed possible division by zero bug in CrewAbility
• Fixed actor panel not updated properly
• Fixed light scattering interfering with bloom effect
• Fixed refund settings for multiplayer modes
• Fixed several map/mission errors
• Added new effects
• Added new level of detail settings (complete rework)
• Added new level of detail support for multiplayer
• Added graphic options presets support (please use it before playing with new patch for better performance)
• Added usa tankcrew model
• Added new faces for GRM t5
• Added new grass
• Added auto lifting of third person camera depending on terrain height
• Changed minimal view distance
• Increased max view distance drastically
• Increased speed of SPG9 from 250ms to 612ms
• Reworked profiles and options
• Fixed that user was able to shoot while unit was controlled by AI
• Fixed window position not saved properly
• Fixed set texture quality before scene load
• Fixed textures not reloaded on video profile change
• Fixed view distance on low settings
• Fixed missing tree lods
• Fixed ammo for BTR80
• Fixed ammo for BTR82A
• Fixed bug with tank muzzle effects temporarily (could cause oos)
• Fixed a bug that causes a crash if you are in the ranked leaderboards
• Improved tracers
• Increased price of BTR-80 from 450 MP to 550 MP
• Increased price of BTR-82A from 650 MP to 750 MP
• Reduced price of Stryker MK19 from 750 MP to 700 MP
• Fixed weapon and inventory of BTRs
• Fixed incorrect square math for degenerate triangles
• Fixed dithered opacity on water
• Fixed invalid file type
• Fixed incorrectly initialized structure
• Fixed particle generator being reset when have active particles

Системные требования:
OS: 64bit - Windows Vista, 7, 8
Graphics: DirectX 10/11 compatible
DirectX: Version 10
Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 10/11 compatible

Call to Arms offers an innovative new look into modern era combat. Initially offering two playable factions with realistically modeled vehicles and heavy weaponry, as well as dozens of firearms and customizations. Command your troops to victory or fight by yourself in the 3rd person action mode.

The base game offers two factions: the United States Army and the Global Revolutionary Movement. Fight in rural areas, factories, railway stations or in towns and use the environment to your advantage. Cover is everywhere, and almost everything can be destroyed. An unseen amount of challenges are awaiting you in exciting online combat supported by Steamworks!

The game allows you to command your units in the classic real-time strategy mode or to fight directly by taking control over an individual vehicle in the 3rd person action mode.

Если вы являетесь правообладателем данного материала и вы против размещения информации о данном материале, либо ссылок на него - ознакомьтесь с нашей информацией для правообладателей и присылайте нам письмо. Если Вы против размещения данного материала - администрация с радостью пойдет Вам на встречу!
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Комментарии игроков (10 шт.)

От: Bluk [13|1] | Дата 2017-04-28 04:40:57

В стиме она бесплатная
От: DenisXHunter [1|1] | Дата 2016-07-18 07:20:03

Добрый День дамы и господа , http://big-games.info увы вы сильно отстали от других сайтов таких как ex . ua и pefel . net , ибо у них сейчас "Call to Arms [v 0.835.3 (Update 31)] [ENG / RUS] (2015)" доступный для скачивания при этом абсолютно бесплатно и без ожидания и нет необходимости ждать 3 дня как у вас , подумайте над дальнейшим развитием сайта

DenisXHunter подумал несколько минут и добавил:

P.S Могу добавить скриншоти и указания на источники :)
P.P.S Надеюсь вы обратите на это внимание
От: volaca [1|2] | Дата 2016-04-12 13:02:20

киньте на другой файлообменник то ну оооооооочень долго скачиваться будет аж 48 часов
От: Bluk [13|1] | Дата 2016-03-26 23:58:36

Единственное что понравилось это вид от третьего лица в машине, в Men of War до этого так и не дошли, а в остальном играется и видится как обыкновенный бесплатный мод с Moddb
От: Zid [2|0] | Дата 2016-03-23 04:37:16

Как игра? Очень люблю серию игр Men of War, но не доверяю всему новому
От: DenisXHunter [1|1] | Дата 2016-03-03 17:26:39

Возможно ли скинуть на другой файлообменник ? например на www.unibytes.com

DenisXHunter подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Очень долго скачивает 41 час (
От: Hanster [3|1] | Дата 2015-12-05 13:53:21

Update 8
Плиз, АП

Hanster очень долго думал и добавил:

Update 11
Уже Сентябрь :с

Hanster очень долго думал и добавил:

Update 16
Привет из октября!

Hanster очень долго думал и добавил:

Update 12
Холодный и грустный Ноябрь. Фоллач взломали за день до выхода. Калл ту Армс так и не взломали...

Hanster очень долго думал и добавил:

О Аллах, уже декабрь!
И люди таки сумели взломать версию 0.683.0!
Но на сайт так и не добавилили
От: Sacred_Desert [18|24] | Дата 2015-08-25 11:19:18


Hanster сказал:

Я лично не дождусь, когда смогу устраивать засады на полицейские кортежи и закидывать их Молотовыми

Ловите террориста!
От: Hanster [3|1] | Дата 2015-08-06 11:50:55

Еще 30 числа скачал ее с КикАса. Мое мнение о версии 0.500 (в стиме уже 0.600), игра жутко сырая и вот мое мнение как любителя серии MoW:
• Разрушаемости почти нет, и это ужасно неудобно, приходится на ТАНКЕ объезжать ЗАБОР из проволоки.
• Огромный Дисбаланс в сторону пехоты США, это легко проверить в Редактор. Из всех отрядов ГРМ способен противостоять США только #3 (красные береты), все остальные моментально умирают. Единственное что непобедимо у ГРМ это БМП-3 и Т-80ые.
• В Редакторе работать невозможно, вылетает даже от простейших команд типа Инвентарь. И да, движок и редактор от MoW.
Как по мне, игру стоит купить из-за ее амбиций. Ведь только представьте, можно будет устраивать реконструкции событий на Востоке, таких как революций, гражданских войн или даже террактов. Я лично не дождусь, когда смогу устраивать засады на полицейские кортежи и закидывать их Молотовыми. 10 из 10, ну а если объективно 7/10.

Hanster подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Ах и да, в версии 0.500 нет кампании. Можно только в Редакторе забавляться
От: Fo-fo [1|0] | Дата 2015-08-01 13:07:34

Men of War с современной техникой и пехотой, в общем выглядит интересно.

Fo-fo подумал несколько минут и добавил:

А движок тот же. Кажется.

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