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Скачать игру Aven Colony v0.1.13203 - игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 10.0 (2)
Игру добавил Elektra [2684|24] | 2016-09-28 (обновлено) | Стратегии (735) | Просмотров: 4302

Aven Colony v0.1.13203

• Название игры / Game name: Aven Colony v0.1.13203
• Год выхода / Release date: 2016
• Разработчик / Developer: Radevic Team (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Стратегии (735); Симуляторы (477)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 4.39 Гб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10
(всего голосов: 2)

Aven Colony – великолепный градостроительный симулятор, в котором Вам предлагается основать первую человеческую колонию за пределами Солнечной системы. Приземлившись на экзотической планете Aven Prime, нужно создать инфраструктуру и позаботиться о благополучии жителей колонии, постоянно сталкиваясь с жестокими реалиями пребывания на неизведанном земле.

В новом мире предстоит выращивать урожай, искать и перерабатывать найденные ресурсы, изучать новые технологии, торговать и совершать много других заданий. В Aven Colony реализована смена дня и ночи, привязанная к временам года, а главная угроза для колонистов – инфекция The Creep, способная свести на нет все Ваши усилия.

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v0.1.13041 до v0.1.13203. Список изменений внутри новости.

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Язык: Английский.

New Features:
• Rearranged the graphics options and added Borderless Fullscreen and VSync
• By popular demand, the initial modules can all be recycled now, & doing so will recover 2 nanites. However, please note that you cannot recycle these until your colony is big enough to survive without them.
• Added a "Show Range" button to the Construction Drone Hub and Scrubber Drone Hub to show/hide the drone range when selected
• The construction drone radius or scrubber drone radius now expands quickly when shown; this makes it much more visible when zoomed in
• When players win/lose, they now can use the Colony Control Panel or the main menu, but cannot interact with the game in any other way
• When switching to windowed mode, we now center the window around the center position of the active monitor
Bug fixes:
• Implemented audio "ducking" during SHIPE calls so you can hear them over the music and sound effects
• Fixed bug where environmental foliage wasn't being removed on farmed tiles when loading a saved game
• Fixed some issues where tunnels could occasionally have the wrong shape
• Clicking the empty space above the Greenhouse no longer causes the Greenhouse to be selected
• Removed some deprecated game resources (such as Steel and Jewelry) from cargo pods
• Fixed some issues with SHIPE state that could prevent calls from playing properly in rare cases
• Fixed the colony control panel button being green only when the inventory was selected but not when the other tabs in the colony control panel were open
• Fixed an issue where artifacts would stay in the research list after they were researched
• Fixed a bug where if you saved the game while an artifact was docked in the research center but had not yet completed the associated quests, the artifact would not appear in the Research Center's artifact doc ("H") and you would be unable to complete the associated artifact-completion quests
• Fixed a bug where police drones could sometimes get stuck if you had a square of 4 1x1 buildings and a ring of 12 tunnel tiles surrounding that on all sides
• By popular demand, the Water Pump now shows the productivity numbers even if dragging far from the colony
• The Commute overlay no longer shows penalties for buildings with no workers or residents
• Fixed a bug where it was impossible to select the starting modules if you were too close to them
• Sandbox Hyla's Crescent now has a much more reasonable amount of metals in the various iron deposits
• Fixed a few very rare and obscure bugs that could cause stability issues if you played for a long time
• Tons of other tiny tweaks and fixes
Art Improvements:
• Updated Immigration Vessel textures & materials
Fixed some issues where the indented area along the side of the Research Center could have dirt poking through the bottom
• Faster loading of saved game files
• Lots of little performance improvements in various areas
New features:
• Mineral deposits now also draw icons for the quantity of minerals remaining
• Resource icons in the selection pane for cargo pods and mineral deposits now include tooltips
• The "Game Info" panel in the colony control panel now states the current sol / month / hour, referendums won, and time to next referendum
• The Crime overlay now uses text descriptors instead of numbers on mouse rollover ("Crime Level: Very Low" etc); while this gives less specific info, the actual info provided is more useful
Tuning / balancing:
• Major tweaks to most of the sandbox maps: added more deposits to most of the sandbox maps and moved lots of cargo pods
• New starting location for sandbox-Tenari Glacier with added steam vents & deposits. Note that we have kept the old version of sandbox-Tenari around for backward compatibility.
• Added more steam vents and iron deposits to campaign-Tenari Glacier. Note that we have kept the old version of campaign-Tenari around for backward compatibility.
Bug fixes:
• Significant improvements to stability; yesterday's update fixed many issues, and this update fixes all remaining crash bugs that we're aware of.
• The last Veronika reward in Vanaar now properly gives Potash
• Fixed issue where the in-game menu could appear and then disappear with low frame rates
• Fixed some issues with construction drones and addicted citizens when loading a save game
• Fixed a rare bug where the surveillance camera ('C' key) could place itself inside a Trade Hub, causing lines to appear on the screen as the Trade Hub corners interpenetrated the view frustrum
• Several other minor tweaks and fixes
• Significant improvements to stability; we've now fixed a handful of issues that, while relatively rare, were nevertheless causing crashes for some players with very large colonies
• When residential structures are manually imploded, they now properly attempt relocate their inhabitants to new residences as available instead of just letting them all die
• Fixed issues with too many or too few colonists being relocated to new residences when residential structures were imploded or recycled
• By popular demand, dragging Farms and Greenhouses now once again shows the productivity numbers, even if the placement location is blocked or not connected to the colony
• Workers will no longer attempt to accept jobs that are too far away; their max commute is now 24 tiles. This fixes issues with obscenely long commutes, which were especially noticeable in the Hyla's Crescent mission.
• Fixed referendum elections never getting triggered in Azara Falls
• Fixed colors for iron and copper resource icons not properly matching the actual mineral deposits
• Fixed missing "Beer" billboard sprite that ended up rendering as the green "infection" symbol, causing beer drinkers to look infected
• Turned off some collision and physics that didn't need to be turned on for border decoration pieces; this should also improve performance somewhat
• Fixed a case where drones could go to the site of a building being imploded if the "Drone Auto Repair" social policy was enabled
• Colonists no longer speak when you click on them after the game is completed
• Vanaar: fixed some levitating trees
• Tons of other tiny tweaks and fixes

Системные требования:
Operating System: Windows 7/8 64-bit
Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Video Card/DirectX Version: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card

Aven Colony puts you in charge of humanity's first extrasolar settlement on Aven Prime, an alien planet of deserts, tundras, and jungles light years from earth.

Build the infrastructure, look after the well-being of your citizens, manage your resources, and guide your colony to prosperity -- all while dealing with the harsh and often dangerous realities of an alien world.

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Скачать Aven Colony v0.1.13203 (4.39 Гб.):
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Комментарии игроков (4 шт.)

От: luckyman [1|0] | Дата 2016-10-18 11:54:40

Можно ли обновить игру до версии 0.1.13018?

luckyman очень долго думал и добавил:

Можно ли снова обновить игру? =)
От: Borodasxtk [1|2] | Дата 2016-09-13 11:34:39


MPS сказал:

Действительно, модератор. Не можем же мы (Пользователи) регистрироваться и вносить деньги на все вподряд "Файлообменники", даже на те, которыми пользуемся один раз в жизни.

Сейчас Elektra пообещает перезалить через некоторое время и - как это было с Banished - благополучно "забудет" о своем обещании))
От: MPS [23|5] | Дата 2016-09-13 05:44:46


illyaz сказал:

А можно альтернативный вариант загрузки!!?!?!?"????

Действительно, модератор. Не можем же мы (Пользователи) регистрироваться и вносить деньги на все вподряд "Файлообменники", даже на те, которыми пользуемся один раз в жизни.
От: illyaz [1|1] | Дата 2016-09-09 21:12:46

А можно альтернативный вариант загрузки!!?!?!?"????

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