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Скачать бесплатно игру Age of Empires II: HD Edition v5.3.1 + 4DLC / Age of Empires 2: HD Edition v5.3.1 + 4DLC - полная русская версия

Рейтинг: 10.0 (8) | Баллы: 9
Игру добавил Elektra [3544|24] | 2017-05-07 (обновлено) | Стратегии (822) | Просмотров: 23369

Age of Empires II: HD Edition v5.3.1 + 4DLC / Age of Empires 2: HD Edition v5.3.1 + 4DLC

• Название игры / Game name: Age of Empires II: HD Edition v5.3.1 + 4DLC / Age of Empires 2: HD Edition v5.3.1 + 4DLC
• Год выхода / Release date: 2013
• Разработчик / Developer: Ensemble Studios (5) и Hidden Path Entertainment (3)
• Жанр / Genre: Стратегии (822)
• Язык: Русская версия (2636)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Полная версия (установи и играй)
• Размер / Size: 2.03 Гб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10
(всего голосов: 8)
• Другие части игры:
- Age of Empires. Platinum Edition / Age of Empires. Платиновое издание
- Age of Empires III: Gold Edition / Age of Empires III: Золотое Издание
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- Stronghold 3 Gold Edition v1.10.27781
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- Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends
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- 0 A.D. [Alpha 23]
- Stronghold Crusader 2 v1.0.22616 + 7 DLC

Переиздание по-настоящему классической игры Age of Empires II. В Age of Empires II: HD Edition будет 18 кампаний из Age of Kings и всех дополнений. Также в игре улучшена графика, добавлена поддержка широкоформатных мониторов, система достижений, таблица рекордов, облачное сохранение и автоматический подбор игроков в мультилпеере.

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v5.0.1 до v5.3.1. Changelog.

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Age of Empires II HD Edition - переиздание стратегии 1999 года, где доступны все миссии как оригинальной игры Age of Kings, так и дополнения Conquerors. Кроме этого все желающие могут бросить вызов своим товарищам в онлайне. Кроме переработки графики под разрешение 1080p, разработчики используют усовершенствованный графический движок с улучшенной обработкой текстур земли, воды и огня.

Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Немецкий, MULTi11
Язык озвучки: Английский, MULTi6

Системные требования:
Операционная система: Windows 8 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows Vista SP2 / Widows XP SP3;
Процессор: 1.2Ghz, или лучше;
Оперативная память: 1 Гб;
Видеокарта: поддерживающая Direct X 9.0c c 512 мб ОЗУ или лучше;
Звуковая карта: Звуковая карта, совместимая с DirectX 9.0;
Свободное место на жестком диске: 1.5 Гб.

Список DLC:
• AoE2-HD: Age of Kings Campaign
• AoE2-HD: The Conquerers Campaign
• AoE2-HD: The Forgotten Campaign
• AoE2-HD: The African Kingdoms Campaign

4 New Civilizations
• Berbers – Unite the tribes of Northern Africa and set sail for Europe. Can you hold your ground against the scrambled kingdoms of Iberia?
• Malians – Follow in the footsteps of the great Mansa Musa and become the greatest king of Western Africa.
• Ethiopians – Relive the glory of the once mighty Aksumite empire and rule over the Red Sea.
• Portuguese – Set sail for the new world, discover new routes to unknown lands and expand your trade routes to the mighty African empires.
4 New, Fully Voiced Campaigns
• Tariq ibn Ziyad: Prepare to lead an army of Berbers and Arabs across the sea to Iberia, to defeat the fearsome Visigoths and bring the banners of war to the powerful Merovingian kingdom.
• Sundjata: Said to possess a magical instrument that guarantees victory, Sumanguru, King of the Sosso, is poised to forge a new empire. Can you help Sundjata, the crippled prince of Mali, defy the odds, defeat Sumanguru, and become the most powerful ruler of West Africa?
• Francisco de Almeida: Daring Portugese explorers have returned from India and given hope of glories and wealth unachievable in the Old World. Can you lead an armada to the East and forge an empire that spans three continents and two oceans?
• Yodit: The beautiful princess Yodit has a promising future at the Aksumite court. But when her jealous nephew accuses her of theft, Yodit is forced to flee her home country. Witness how exile shaped this fallen princess into a mighty queen.
New Generic Units and Technologies
• Arrowslits – Increase the power of your Towers and Keeps as they hail arrows down upon your foes.
• Arson – Help your melee units burn enemy buildings to the ground with this new Castle Age research.
• Fire Galley – Bring fires to the attack earlier in the game with this new Feudal Age ship.
• Siege Tower – Hide units inside the tower and help them scale your opponents walls.
Sudden Death Game Mode
• Be prepared to defend your town center in this new game mode. Each player only gets one, and if you lose it, it’s game over!
Improved AI
• 10 New Special Maps
• 8 New Real World Maps
• 5 New Random Maps
• 10 New terrains
• New Scenario Editor Objects
• Twitch.tv Streaming Integration
• Spectator Mode
AI Fixes and Updates:
• Standard AI script was updated:
• Difficulty reduced on the lower difficulty settings:
• AI now asks for tributes less often
• AI now responds when denying tribute requests
• AI now responds more often to taunt 31 ("attack now")
• AI now properly responds to taunts 35 ("stop building a navy") and 37 ("build a wonder")
• Implemented sn-livestock-to-town-center
• Implemented scout-flank for up-send-scout
• Adjusted sn-prefered-trade-distance to bring its behavior more in line community expectations
• Adjusted sn-wall-targeting-mode in a way that should not affect human players
• AI players now gather their sheep inside their town centers instead of just beside them
• AI workers gathering boar will now by default choose town centers as drop sites
• up-retreat-now now instructs ungrouped soldiers and boats to retreat in addition to grouped land soldiers
• up-retreat-now sends boats to the first available dock and land units to the first available town center
• up-retreat-now now issues fewer individual commands to units, which should improve performance in multiplayer
• Fixed an issue where up-reset-unit did not handle -1 as an input correctly
• Fixed an issue where up-drop-resources would not affect workers gathering food from boars
• Fixed an issue where up-resource-status was giving incorrect results when a technology was unavailable to the civilization that was calling it
• Fixed an issue where up-send-scout was sending scouts to strange places
• Fixed an issue where standard and conquerors AI players' names would always appear in the host's language in a multiplayer game
• Fixed an issue where restoring a save game with conquerors AIs would cause the AIs revert to the default AI behaviour
• Fixed an issue where the standard AI would not choose a "leader name" for itself once the game had started
• Fixed an issue where the AI would not properly respond to bear attacks
• Fixed an issue where the AI in the last player slot in a multiplayer game would have no name for clients
• Fixed a crash that could occur when an AI villager was hunting boar
• Fixed a crash that could occur when an AI was creating and issuing orders to soldier groups
Performance changes:
• Improvements to smooth scrolling in multiplayer
• Fixed an issue where loading a game saved in the late game would cause the game to run slowly
• Fixed an issue where the pathfinding system would leak memory, causing the game to run slowly in the late game
• Performance improvements to the pathfinding system on larger maps
• Fixed an issue where joining a game as the host was leaving would cause the client to become stuck forever on the "joining game" status screen
• Fixed an issue where the host kicking a player as they were loading would cause the client to become stuck forever on the "joining game" status screen
• Fixed an issue where kicking a human player as they were readying up would cause their lobby slot to become corrupted
• Fixed an issue where a client joining a lobby, then cancelling the join immediately would cause a player slot in the game they were joining to become corrupted
• Fixed an issue where replacing a spectator with a computer player caused that player slot to become corrupted
• Fixed an issue where the wrong ELO pre-game feedback could be displayed in lobbies when the host was readied up
• Fixed an issue where clients would not see other clients as spectators when they should
• Fixed an issue where spectating a defeated player would cause the spectator to also be defeated (and be kicked out of the game)
• Fixed an issue where loading and saving a single player game while in spectator mode would result in the spectator controlling an AI player
• Fixed several issues where saving, loading, or creating a scenario in the scenario editor would cause an apparent resolution change
• Fixed an issue where going from the game achievements screen back to a multiplayer game after the game was over would cause an apparent resolution change
• Fixed an issue where restarting the game would cause an apparent resolution change
• Fixed an issue where imperial age Gaia units would revert to dark age units in save games
• Fixed an issue where the AI could repeatedly try to build buildings in inaccessible places, resulting in the Romans in Attila the Hun mission 5 not building military buildings
• Fixed an issue where Forgotten custom campaigns would show up twice on versions of Windows before 8.0
• Fixed an issue where the in-game music would stop playing if the user opened the "Load" menu while in-game
• Fixed an issue where teams could be overridden inappropriately in scenario games
• Fixed an issue where multiplayer Forgotten saves could be loaded in HD
• Fixed an issue where the launcher's dimensions were not preserved across DPI settings
• Fixed an issue where the palisade gate icon was not visible on the tech tree screen
• Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving a game
Forgotten data changes:
• Fixed ore mines
• Fixed heavy swordsman
• Fixed keep/bbt shadow on Slavic set
• Fixed feudal TC shadow on Slavic set
• Fixed Dolphin
• Fixed Magyar Huszar idle animation
• Fixed Italian wonder color information
• Fixed wooden bridges shadows
• Fixed feudal mill on Slavic set
• Changed some IDs in all files to fix the history screens and some mistakes in the last loc drop.
Other changes:
• Changed green and yellow ping thresholds in multiplayer lobbies to reflect connections that will impact game playability
• Monks now contribute to players' military population counts for victory point and AI tracking purposes
• Updated achievement localization
• Added art for the AoF civs in the history section
New Default AI:
• Would you like to play a game? The “Computer” AI has been overhauled and should provide a much greater challenge for players of all skill levels.
• The original “Conquerors AI” has been made a selectable option for players.
• Custom AIs are now selectable in multiplayer.
New Campaign (AoF)
• The “Battles of the Forgotten” has been added to the Forgotten Campaign.
• 7 unique scenarios have been added.
• Campaign map has been updated
General Bug Fixes:
• Recorded games chapter buttons are now functioning correctly.
• Recorded games no longer crash when restarting after chapter skipping.
• Fixed multiple issues that caused the game to crash or corrupt saves.
• A crash has been resolved that could occur when using the “Save Chapter” hot key.
• Several issues have been resolved in Co-op games with spectators.
• Spectators no longer force other player to be spectators if they were the same player color.
• Players can now correctly add units in the Map Editor after Spectating a game.
• Several adjustments have been made to ELO calculations around scenarios with dropped players.
• The “Create Object” trigger no longer resets when making “Other” objects in the Scenario Editor.
• Triggers may now modify diplomacy parameters even when diplomacy is locked.
• The Population and Resource filters now default correctly in the Lobby Screen.
• The buy/sell text is now scaling correctly for various resolutions.
• A crash has been resolved when using the "taunt-using-range" action.
• Double clicking now correctly selects units of the same type but different attributes.
• Monasteries no longer spawn close together in Nomad Capture the Relic.
• Fixed multiple issues that caused the AI town center to be placed incorrectly in nomad/steppe maps.
• AI Kings now correctly garrison in nearby builds when theirs is under attack.
• AI hunting related commands are now functioning correctly.
• AI tendency to overproduce certain building types has been addressed (like siege workshops).
• Large groups of units no longer get stuck on hills while attack-moving.
• Performance improvements in some of Steam’s security systems.
• Path finding performance improvements, specifically when villagers are in large groups.
• Double-clicking the top of the screen no longer causes the game to toggle full screen.
• A duplicate music track has been replaced with “Voodoodoodoo” which was previously missing.
• Winning as a Random Civ now correctly increases both achievements.
Scripter Updates:
• Added "skybox-clear-signal" AI scripting command (allows scripts to clear previously set signals so that the signal may fire again.
• Added "skybox-set-name-mode” AI scripting command (allows custom AI developers to tell the game to use randomly-generated names).
• The AI now correctly counts units with unit IDs greater than 900.
• Added “sn-preferred-trade-distance”.
• Added “sn-enable-patrol-attack”.
• Added “sn-home-exploration-time”.
• Added “sn-allow-adjacent-dropsites”.
• Added “sn-wall-targeting-mode”.
• Added “up-drop-resources”.
• Added “up-get-victory-data”.
• Added “up-send-scout”.
Localization Updates:
• A crash has been resolved relating to the Vote screen in German or Russian localizations.
• Russian history files have been added for HD.
• Japanese history files have been added for HD.
• Chinese text files have been updated for HD.
• Added some strings that were missing in HD edition (that were present in the Forgotten).
Campaign Updates & Misc:
• Gates no longer take damage when units pass through them.
• Resolved a crash in Dracula 1 when sending the Power Cart into the Mining Camp.
• In El Dorado 2 the gates now have an opening animation.
• In Prithviraj 1 players are able disembark units from the transport ships correctly.
• Various other issues have been addressed.
• Alfred the Alpacca has been discovered messing around in the code mumbling something about his new game. We apologize in advance for any undocumented irregularities.
New Additions:
• Added Campaign 6.
• Added Intro and outro slide text for Campaign’s 1 – 4 in additional languages.
• Added some new random map types for "capture the relic" mode.
• Speed changes through triggers are now percent based instead of absolute speed values (eg. 1 = 10%).
General Bug Fixing and features for upcoming AI adjustments:
• Players can no longer make buildings move by increasing their speed with a trigger.
• Campaign chat dialogues no longer overflow a buffer (increased the size of the buffer).
• Text positioning on some Forgotten intro slides in various languages has been adjusted.
• AI players are now more likely to attack players that control the hill in a "King of the Hill" game.
• The AI has been reprimanded for overzealously constructing buildings in the Attila the Hun campaign.
• The "STEPPE-MAP" AI symbol is now defined when playing on a Steppe-type random map.
• Dead monks carrying a relic in "capture the relic" mode no longer have line of sight issues.
• Range change triggers now also change search radius and line of sight.
• When the host of a lobby is sent an invitation to another lobby an error message now appears to reduce 'dead lobies' being listed.
• Dropped players are now able to join saved games that they participated in before dropping.
• Text input panels should no longer appear over the Steam interface.
• The in-game music no longer plays when saving and exiting a multiplayer game.
• Players who start a quick match lobby with the "any” size will now be matched correctly with others.
• When the AI is attacking a boar, villagers that are too low in health will not be sent.
• When the AI is attacking a boar, the villager being attacking will garrison in the nearest town center.
• Players should now see restore lobbies of games in which they participated in the lobby browser.
• AI names will now be set correctly when multiple AIs have their civilization set to "mirror".
• When AIs are assigning forward builders the game no longer crashes.
• When players spam the chat window the game no longer crashes, still, nobody likes spammers - be nice.
• The focus-player and target-player wildcards should now work correctly (in AI scripts).
• Monasteries no longer appear in capture the relic maps.
• We like people being friendly, but players no longer spawn too close together in Hill Fort capture the relic games.
• Players no longer spawn in odd places when "team together" was disabled.
• Filter dropdowns should be filled correctly when returning to the lobby after previously switching to the "skill" filter in the multiplayer lobby.
• Buildings that are marked as "invulnerable" now get unit AIs (This fixes an issue where AI players could not build monks out of monasteries in "capture the relic" mode).
• Up-pending-objects should now handle unit line types correctly (This should fix a crash players were seeing when the AI reached Imperial age).
• Dead monks carrying a relic in "capture the relic" mode will now issue a notification that the relic was dropped.
• Placing the mouse over the edge of the screen no longer causes the "resize" cursor to continue displaying until the user placed the mouse over the game world.
• Loading a saved game from a campaign with custom unit names no longer causes those unit names to become "Select the Outpost to fire the Trebs".
• Refreshing the lobby browser with the "friends" filter no longer displays games that are not created by their friends or that have already started.
• The game no longer receives lobby updates for lobbies that the player is no longer in (eg. renaming a quick match lobby no longer results in corrupted lobby options after starting a new lobby).
• Resolved several AI errors that caused games to crash.
• Tributes to neutral or enemy players functions properly in single player and disabled for multiplayer.
New Additions:
• Added Intro and outro slides for Campaign’s 1 – 4 (English).
• Updated the global Forgotten Campaign’s map.
• Added Achievements for new Civilizations and Campaigns (English).
• Added additional Scenario Editor Triggers (Change unit armor, range and speed).
• Scenario Editor Population limit now can correctly go above 200.
Improvements to AI Behaviors
• (note this is not the full AI overhaul, but the beginning of changes to enable new AI features):
• AI players will now successfully trade with the users markets and trade carts.
• AI players will now build docks in nomad mode.
• AI players will now continue constructing buildings after building a wonder.
• AI players will now train and research times have been adjusted on all difficulties.
• AI players no longer team up with each other against the player when not on a team.
• AI players on easiest will now attack the player's villagers.
• AI players will now keep building, building types that were previously destroyed before completion.
• AI villagers will now gather resources consistently on LudiKris sized maps.
• AI villagers no longer warp around when constructing a Wonder while the game speed 4x or above.
• AI villagers no longer drop food when instructed to collect from a different food source.
Improvements to Localization:
• Fixed various issues related to cut off text in El Dorado campaign slides.
• Fixed various issues related to in game text overlapping in the El Dorado campaign.
• SPA: Significant reduction of desyncs with LudiKris maps.
• NL: Fixed the invite button text in the Host Lobby.
• KOR: Fixed the DM/RM ELO rank texts on the Main Menu so it no longer overflows.
• NL/SPA/RUS/CHS/ITA: Fixed text alignments in the Options screen.
• BRA: Fixed cut off text in several locations in the Forgotten Campaigns.
• FR: Fixed the "Fog of War" string in Spectator Mode.
• FR/BRA: Fixed the "view lock" string in spectator mode.
General Bug Fixing:
• Improvements to game launching in Windows XP.
• Treaty games now end when all opponents resign.
• Siege rams with units inside of them now have the patrol, guard, and follow buttons enabled for them.
• Teams remain correct when switching from a random map game to a wonder race game.
• ELO feedback no longer appears in Single Player if played after saving and exiting a Multiplayer game.
• The text "Ranked Type" is now displayed correctly when the user resets the Lobby Browser filters.
• The "Region" option now appears correctly in the Lobby Browser when the filters are reset.
• Custom scenario briefing text no longer flows off the edge of the screen.
• Scenario briefing screen now shows up for standalone scenarios in Single Player.
• Scenarios assigned to a campaign now show up correctly in the campaign editor.
• Spectator option no longer becomes available after visiting a Multiplayer lobby.
• Building counting script commands now count buildings that have been queued.
• Selecting “no to save” now functions correctly in Editor Mode while in Diplomacy.
• User no longer has access to multiple cobra cars at the beginning of the second El Dorado scenario.
• Converting units no longer breaks the secondary objective in Alaric scenario (mission 1).
General Gameplay
• Pathing has been revisited to alleviate the issues introduced in patch 3.0. We have several changes we are finalizing and testing, however will initially be moving back to 2.8 pathing until those are finalized (coming in 3.2).
• AI opponents will now properly build trebuchets. Really.
• 2.8 save game files now load properly.
• Fixed lag issues caused by AI villagers getting stuck creating buildings.
• Added more sprite optimizations to the base game (this will also fix the scout and paladin animation bugs).
• Fixed a game crash that occurred when more than 50 civilians are defending against a unit. Stop sacrificing your poor villagers!
• Increased max scroll speed by 50% (eventually we’ll find a sweet spot people are content with)
• The gates that are built with the "palisade wall" command are now palisade gates (this affects the new map Hideout).
• Fixed multiple issues when the game ends while in various menus.
• Campaign victories now generate correct stats and achievements
• Monasteries will no longer sometimes spawn in water during CTR (capture the relic) games on Nomad
• Eagle scouts and Eagle warriors now show up correctly in combat units list
• Active fishing boats now show up in economic statistics
• (Elite) Huskarls built in the barracks and (Elite) Tarkans built from the stable appear in the military units list.
• Before a multiplayer game start, a checksum of your game data file will be compared with others in your lobby. If you have a different data file as the host (because you or the host has a workshop mod for example), the game will not start. This should prevent some of the OOS issues people are having.
• Fixed some issues that would occur when inviting someone to a lobby that was in a different mode (HD or Forgotten).
• AOF - Fixed crash that would occur when you desynced in multi-player while in treaty mode.
• AOF - Treaty mode will now properly end when loading a saved multiplayer game.
• The "Achievement will not progress because you used a cheat code" message will only appear if you used a cheat code in the present game. Previously, the message would re-appear in every subsequent game after you used cheat codes for the first time.
UI Fixes
• The "HD Version" tech tree now displays the correct descriptions for the civs (was displaying descriptions from "The Forgotten")
• Master volume and Music volume sliders now work correctly in the in-game options menu.
• The "star" in the achievements screen for advancing to the imperial age the fastest has been fixed.
• The "Player colors" command now properly updates when you use the options menu or the hotkey.
• Players are now assigned to the correct civs in the MP restore screen.
• Expanded the rank text area on the main screen so the text can no longer go out of bounds (had problems with some languages).
• "aiRandomGame.per2" no longer (occasionally) shows up as the scenario name in the lobby browser
• The correct rollover text will now appear when selecting a map type.
• Corrected description for "Blind Random" map location.
• Expansion maps no longer show up in HD-mode scenario editor
• Changed "Player colors" to "Unique Player colors" and "Garrisoning" to "Alt key Garrisoning" to add clarity.
• Fixed a bug where if you used the “Cntl” key in the hotkey setting to save games, multiplayer games would save improperly.
Language Fixes
• Translated the remaining text for the Dutch language.
• The Japanese campaign voice acting is now in Japanese (was using English audio previously)
General Gameplay:
• Attack-move: There is a new button and hotkey for this. Units will automatically engage enemy units while advancing to their destination.
• Balanced Build Queue: When you select multiple buildings, all units created are load balanced for quickest completion time.
• Scrolling has several improvements. Diagonal speeds match horizontal/vertical speeds. Also the diagonal angle of scrolling matches the tiles (perfectly parallel to the map edge).
• The AI has remembered that trebuchets are useful in battle! Be prepared to counter siege units again
• Game Speed - You may now choose to go up to 8X speed via the hotkeys in single player (Number pad + and number pad - ).
System Improvements
• Registry settings are now centralized for game options. In the original code base, they were controlled and maintained in an adhoc manner and some didn’t update until you exited the game without crashing.
• Game Settings are remembered instantly. The cancel button has been removed. All game settings are enabled by default (and some have been renamed to allow the most common settings to be enabled).
• Sound volume has been renamed to Master volume, to better reflect its functionality, as music volume is relative to master volume.
• Music comes back after losing focus.
• Scroll speed has been rebalanced again (so you will want to readjust).
• Player profiles have been rewritten and should no longer be corruptible. For most players, it will port your campaign progress to the new profile system, but other settings for recent singleplayer and multiplayer settings will be started fresh.
• Player profiles now immediately remember settings for all modes:
• Single player settings in Age of Empires: HD Edition (referred to as AoK for simplicity for the items in this list)
• Multiplayer settings in AoK
• Single player settings in Age of Empires: The Forgotten (AoF)
• Multiplayer settings in AoF
• Lobby filter settings
• There are a few setting exceptions that aren’t remembered where it makes sense. For example, in MP, locked teams will always be enabled by default.
• All languages now use text files instead of dll files. Enterprising individuals should easily be able to take the English strings and translate them to any language of their choosing and share them in the workshop…like ewok!
• Cursors are now a consistent size (some cursors were showing up too small).
• The games extension system has been rewritten to allow for separation between features only available in Age of Empires: HD Edition (AoK) and Age of Empires: The Forgotten (AoF)
Performance Improvements:
• The AI has been optimized to reduce how often it searches for targets when it doesn’t have one. This was responsible for approximately 10% or more of the frame rate cost and should improve late-game performance.
• Left+click dragging (selection boxes) no longer negatively affect the frame rate while the mouse is moving.
• Moving the mouse while placing a building no longer negatively affects frame rate.
• Many of the sprites (buildings and units) have been optimized to use less draw calls.
• Frame rate now follows new constraints that eliminate most types of “command-lag”. For more details you can view the Public Performance Beta notes[Public Performance Beta notes].
Scenario Editor:
• You can now generate maps in the scenario editor with RMS files inside your Random directory as well as any of the embedded random map types.
• You can now paint any terrain type.
• You can now use any terrain type when setting the base terrain.
Multiplayer Features
• Mirror Random has been added to civ dropdowns in multiplayer. When you choose this option, you civ will be chosen from the civs on the opposing team. The rules are a little more complicated in how selection works to account for all cases of course
• 4v4 Multiplayer Games should no longer frequently crash when launching.
• The AIs have remembered how to age up again and will no longer stall in the Feudal age.
• Game saves and replays from 2.6 multiplayer should function properly. We’re working on systems to enable backwards compatibility in the future. Due to these changes, 2.7 games and saves will not be supported.
• Several bugs resulting in game instability have been resolved
• Garrison should be functioning properly
• With new profiles the lobby filter will be set to “worldwide” by default instead of regional
• Numerous background tweaks to help with handling of AoF game files / campaigns.
Creating MP games
• You can now choose to make a game ranked / unranked. For a ranked game to be valid, it will still need to satisfy the ranked conditions.
Pre-game Lobby
• Lobby provides detailed real-time feedback on why a ranked match isn’t ranked based on game settings.
• Lobby must be created as a ranked game. Games must be ranked at creation to allow other players to discover ranked or unranked games. Once created you cannot change this.
• Must be two teams
• Cannot have AI players
• Cannot have coop players (two players sharing same color)
• Teams must contain same number of players (no 3v1 games)
• Cheats cannot be enabled
• Teams must be locked
• Scenario games are not ranked
• Wonder Race is only ranked if it contains two players.
• Lobby crash fix when someone joined lobby and their ELO wasn’t yet retrieved from Steam.
• Fixed all known situations where ELO wasn't dislaying or updating properly in lobby.
• Friend’s filter is respected now
• If the host changes any of the settings, any readied players will automatically be unreadied. This is to prevent some bait-and-switch changes that go unnoticed.
• There were some bugs with chat if more than 50 lines of chat were entered into lobby that would cause chat to automatically repeat when settings were changed.
• Increased ranked options to include RM and DM for additional control.
• Ranked Games must be played for 60 seconds before it can be officially ranked
• The ELO pre-game penalty is now adjusted to reflect the potential points at stake in the game as opposed to a minimal fixed amount.
• Improved ELO calculation throughout the game to ensure proper calculations at all stages in the game.
• ELO changes per game are capped at an absolute range of +- 32 points.
• Properly utilizes ELO including modes (deathmatch vs random match)
• You can now filter by ranked or unranked modes
• You can now filter by regions.
Scenario Editor
• All features of scenario editor support references to the string table so you don’t have to embed text into the scenario, allowing for localization. Mostly trigger descriptions
• Cursor no longer gets stuck in i-beam
• Snap-to-grid mode using Ctrl+S cycles through 3 placement modes for objects:
• Normal mode (objects placed on specific tiles)
• Precise mode (objects can be placed anywhere)
• Overlap mode (objects can be placed to overlap other objects)
• Layout of trigger effects improved
• Object Change Name filter improved
• You can now use negative numbers in the quantity field.
Game play
• The score summary during the game also lists the age each player is in.
• Keyboard scrolling is pixel smooth now (instead of half-tile at a time)
• Archery range line no longer draws erroneously to top edge.
• Defeating multiple CPU opponents works as described.
• You can no longer acquire achievements if cheat codes were used in a game and you will also receive a notification at the end of a game should this happen.
• Scroll speed has a much wider range and is linearly adjusted. You will need to adjust it.
• You can now disable right mouse button scrolling if you prefer.
• New option to enable or disable the 3D Animated Water. For players experience performance difficulties, this will likely yield some marked framerate boosts.
• Fixed missing description for Turbo Random Map
• Default Farm textures replaced.
• Fixed hotkeys for group 0.
• Fog of war object shadows (building footprints) no longer show up through explored fog of war.
• Fog of war is slightly darker now.
• Several code actions upon mouseclick have been optimized to reduce the game from unnecessarily 'drawing' the game screen. For some players, this may present some benefits to the overall feel of the game and help reduce command lag if you have a framerate over 60fps. We are actively looking into numerous areas to further improve performance.
• Mayans have their eagle warrior back (instead of a scout cavalry).
• Detailed ELO information can be displayed in the main menu while in the multiplayer section. You can mouse over it for even more detailed information.
• ELO rankings now show up in the lobbies, and update appropriately depending on mode.
• Whenever you complete a match, you will get details about how your ELO rankings were effected. It will also detail reasons why ELO rankings wouldn't have changed too, such as playing a game containing AIs, or aborting a match before the time limit elapsed.
• The Steam Overlay should no longer interfere with frame rate issues.
• Games will not effect ELO until the game has been played for 90 seconds. This has been reduced from 5 minutes in RM and 2 minutes in DM. Both modes are now 90 seconds based on game speed (i.e. 'fast' is 2.0 speed, so actual time is 45 seconds)
• History screen now plays correct sounds for each of the civs.
• In game event notifications for finding sheep, completing research, etc., are showing up again.
-Tech tree-
• Implementation of unique unit with purple legend entry, and purple boxes for all unique units. Make sure any unique unit is not visible by more than one civ.
• Tech tree should show up properly at all scales on both the left and right side. There were several clipping bugs when the window was at a 4:3 aspect ratio.
• Scrolling to the left or right in windowed mode should feel right. Before it would only scroll in some cases when you were well outside the window boundaries.
• Scrolling should be disabled when you are close to the bottom of the window so it doesn’t interfere with resizing.
• Scroll and close buttons are always centered now in any resolution/aspect ratio.
• Maximum Selection Size:
- Increased from 40 (2.3) to 60 (2.5). Backed down from 200 in 2.4beta due to aforementioned reasons.
• Hotkeys:
- Reverted hotkey changes from 2.3 that caused incorrectly functioning shift + alt control group commands.
- You can now hotkey groups 0-9. (An added control group over the original 1-9).
- The hotkey reset button will not scroll the menu to the top of the screen anymore.
- Clicking reset hotkeys will restore the key to the default instead of making there be no hotkey for the item.
• English strings are no longer locked inside language.dll, but use language_base.txt. Other languages will be converted to this new system in upcoming patches.
-Steam Stats / Achievements-
• Single Battle Buildings Razed stat and Single Battle Buildings Lost stat was incorrectly using units lost and has been corrected. These stats/achievements will be reset on the official 2.5 release
• From 2.3, cheats for wood, food, gold, and stone are now 10,000 instead of 1,000 and should reduce the wear and tear on your ctrl + v keys.
-Lobby / Quickmatch-
• Quickmatch should match players with the closest applicable ELO ratings and should use DM or RM ratings depending on which mode is selected.
• You can now adjust the speed of quick match games. It was getting stuck on Normal whenever you readied yourself.
• Lobby games are now sorted properly, with games on top reported closest to host according to Steam.
• Regional settings for lobbies will be primarily based on your Steam download region settings, thus unsurprisingly it is recommended to select the download location closest to you.
• You can filter lobbies and quickmatch by regional settings including:
- Worldwide Shows everyone on the patch.
- Far Within a continent or two roughly.
- Regional Your region and surrounding regions.
- Close Only games in the same region as you.
• Additional information in the lobby browser. Clicking once on a game will display added info including:
- Names of players in game.
- ELO of players in game for the associated gametype.
- Indication of whether the game is RM or DM.
- Other misc information (i.e. scenario name).
• Double click to join a game lobby.
-Performance changes from 2.3-
• Internal frame rate is capped at 60 (from 20).
• User interface updates 10 times per second as opposed to once per second. (mini-map, progress bars, etc).
• Introduced pixel smooth scrolling over “half-tile” scrolling. You may want to adjust your scrolling speed options if you find it is too slow.
• Reduced “Command Lag”. This is new to the final 2.5 build. Previous builds (including 2.5beta) presented an optimized terrain rendering issue any time a building completed construction or a farm was placed. Previously, it would trigger a full regeneration of the map’s 3D terrain. As a result, this was introducing a significant “command lag” and undesirable performance tax. This was especially prevalent with rapid placement of farms. The official 2.5 patch has resolved the issue by regenerating only the affected terrain instead of the entire map.
• If you encounter any issues with frame rate unlocks, you can revert to the original behavior by running the game with -ORIGFPS. You can right click on Age of Empires II: HD Edition in Steam, go to properties. Then click on Set Launch Options and enter -ORIGFPS. It will remember this setting, so you may eventually want to remove it later.
-Leaderboards & ELO Ratings-
• The ELO calculations have been completely rewritten from the live version in 2.3 and follow the old MS Zone calculations. These boards will be reset again at the go-live for 2.5. Here are the known rules.
• Leaderboard ELO calculations are only considered for games that contain exactly two teams and no AI players. Any other combinations of teams are not considered for ELO calculations, such as a 3 player free for all
• There are two separate ranked leaderboards which encompass the following:
- Deathmatch games will be ranked on the DM leaderboard.
- Random Map, Turbo RM, King of the Hill, Regicide, Defend the Wonder, and Wonder Race are part of the RM leaderboard.
- Any other mode will not be considered for ELO score calculations and is unranked, such as custom scenarios.
• There is a minimum time that a ranked game requires before the game will be officially calculated on the leaderboard. 2 minutes for DM and 5 minutes for RM. Games under those time limits are considered pre-maturely completed and are not scored.
• A pre-game penalty is deducted for starting any ranked match. The 3 points is refunded back at the end of the game whether you win, lose, resign, or quit, irregardless of the time limits for determining whether an
• ELO calculation kicks in (5 minutes RM, 2 minutes DM). It is designed to penalize players that pull the network plug to avoid finishing games.
• Any MP game that is saved and restored later will be considered an unranked game to avoid exploitation.
• We are now tracking additional stats per leaderboard that will detect players that exploit disconnections. This information is accessible now to 3rd party websites, and may be displayed in future patches.
-Crash Fixes-
• We have fixed a random crash affecting Windows XP users involving issuing move orders – which could cause games to occasionally crash during gameplay.
-Known Issues-
• It is highly recommended when moving to the beta build (or when upgrading between builds) to create a new player profile to avoid any potential conflicts during the upgrade. You can do so within the game by going to options, deleting the current profile, and creating a new one.
• If you do a fresh install of AOE II HD after having the game on your system, in certain circumstances text may appear to vanish from in-game. This is a result of font files in the steam folder needing to be read on startup. (Windows thinks you got rid of the fonts and didn’t initialize them again when you re-downloaded the game). Simply restart your machine and the text will re-appear.
• We are tracking several rare crashes across multiple versions on windows XP during campaign play and will continue to investigate to improve stability.
• For some players the steam overlay may present a significant framerate drop when visible. We’re looking into this, but if you wish to disable the overlay in the game’s properties simply uncheck “enable steam community in game”.
• Please ensure you are using a copy legitimately purchased through official retail channels (Amazon, Steam, GameStop, etc) and downloaded through Steam when attempting to play AOE II HD. We cannot support issues that may crop up with other versions.
• Includes version 2.3 integration from Hidden Path.
• Maximum unit selection increased from 40 to 200.
• Selection group hotkey issues are resolved now. It is no longer possible to create groups 10-19.
• The game's frame rate has been unlocked again and players may notice a frame rate jump (vsync is recommended for high end cards to avoid unnecessarily high frame rates).
• Internal game’s frame rate is no longer forced at 20 frames per second.
• The user interface updates every frame rather than once per second (mini-map, progress bars, etc.)
• Scrolling is pixel smooth now, rather than being forced to scroll in half-tile increments. You may wish to adjust your scroll speed in the options.
• If you encounter any issues with frame rate unlocks, you can revert to the original behavior by running the game * with -ORIGFPS. You can right click on Age of Empires II: HD Edition in Steam, go to properties. Then click on “Set Launch Options” and enter -ORIGFPS. It will remember this setting, so you may eventually want to remove it later.
• Removed some obsolete code that was constantly resetting the color palette.
-Tech tree-
• Visibility change: Implementation of unique unit with purple legend entry, and purple boxes for all unique units.
• Tech tree shows up properly at all scales on both the left and right side. There were several clipping bugs when the window was at a narrow aspect ratio (close to 4:3).
• Scrolling to the left or right in windowed mode should feel right. Before it would only scroll in some cases when you were well outside the window boundaries.
• Scrolling is disabled when you are close to the bottom of the window so it doesn’t interfere with window resizing.
• Scroll and close buttons are always centered now in any resolution/aspect ratio.
-Steam Stats/Achievements-
• Single Battle Buildings Razed stat and Single Battle Buildings Lost stat was incorrectly using units lost and has been corrected. As a result, the following achievements have been reset:
- No Backing Down (raze 50 buildings in single game).
- Leave No Stone Unburned (raze 100 buildings in single game).
- Master of the Siege (raze 250 buildings in single game).
- Live to Rebuild (lose 15 buildings in single game).
- Phoenix Rising (lose 50 buildings in single game).
- Live to Fight Another Day (lose 100 buildings in single game).
• Cheat codes for awarding wood, food, gold, and stone have been increased from 1,000 to 10,000.
• All the English strings have been pulled out of the language.dll files and placed into language_base.txt. This will make modding and translation work easier in the future.
New Options:
• Object Shadows Anti-aliasing (Enabled by default in builds prior to 2.2 for the improved shadows). Disabling may help improve performance & allow for expanded GPU support with some older Shader model versions.
• Enable VSYNC option (can help reduce load on higher end GPUs).
• Clamp mouse to window when in foreground.
• Quick match speed default to normal but can be changed to fast.
• Display mode options from main menu: Windowed, Fullscreen, Fullscreen Desktop (for multi-monitor):
• Fullscreen desktop requires monitors to have matching vertical resolutions. Mismatched resolutions resulted in truncated UI and was disabled. You can still drag the game in windowed mode across multiple monitors.
Gameplay Modification:
• Added nine additional grouping hotkeys and made group creation / selection keys modifiable.
• After getting the patch you may be forced to re-create your hotkey file.
• Group hotkeys can be changed by accessing options -> Hotkeys -> Game Commands.
• Group Selection hotkeys cannot be modified by alt or shift keys, as these keys have special meaning in game (e.g. alt + group selection key = select and center on).
• If multiple buildings of the same type are selected, unit training will sequentially be divided amongst buildings (Multiple building unit queues).
• Missing grey background behind some tooltip text resolved (to improve text clarity).
Localization fixes:
• Unlocalized Launcher Buttons.
• Missing campaign text.
• Unlocalized Russian UI.
• Additional various localization fixes.
• Additional Achievement fixes.
• Trebuchet attack range fixes.
• Various campaign crashes due to string length overflows.
• Game ‘win’ counter should increment correctly.
• Quickmatch Map Size properly filters based on map size chosen.
• Performance warning typo fixes.
• Fixed AI files not being unpacked properly from workshop mods.
• Fixed workshop downloading only one update per launch of the game.
• When getting booted from the game, you will return to the main menu. This is by design due to the gameflow and how the title processes game information.
• Gameplay version changed to 2.3.
Matchmaking settings changed to the ‘widest’ setting permitted by Steam’s system:
• Users may see different game lists for several reasons including.
• User location (the system should return games that present a better play experience first).
• ame legitimacy.
• Steam account standing.
• Filters.
• Please note when joining games that high pings may result in poor gameplay experiences.
New Options (vsync, mouselock, display mode):
• Vegetation anti-aliasing option (disabling may improve performance on some systems & resolve some ‘white screen’ issues on some unsupported video cards).
• “Full Desktop” requires multi-monitor of the same vertical resolution (to avoid visual truncation). You can still drag using the mouse window to span multiple monitors of different resolutions.
• Additional hotkeys for control groups (patch requires re-creation of hotkey file).
• Multiple building unit queue (select multiple buildings will distribute unit orders sequentially to each building).
• Various bugfixes (More detail at release).
• Various localization fixes.
• Additional quick match options & fixes.
Performance Improvements:
• Frame rate & performance improvements that increase frame rates up to 50% on low end machines and up to 500% on the high end systems previously experiencing frame rate issues.
Visual fixes:
• Windows DPI scaling no longer zooms the in-game perspective.
• Default scroll speed increased.
Multiplayer fixes including:
• Quitting a multiplayer game triggers a resignation instead appearing as a ‘drop’.
• Private lobbies stay private.
• Quick match no longer crashes.
• Long Steam usernames no longer cause crash.
• Hotkeys for multiplayer are correctly saved.
• Lobby now enforces that you only play multiplayer with the same build version.
• Visual indications of players in your lobby and in game who have low frame rate.
• Better networking verification prior to entering game (prevents getting stuck on the voting screen).
• Performance warning if you have high ping to one other player who isn't host or if your data is being relayed.
• Multiplayer quick match speed defaults to normal.
• Multiplayer Lobby doesn't lock to a region for displaying games and allows for “far” region list inclusion. (Likely will not show games where players have exceedingly high pings to hosts that would result in multi-second delays).
Achievements fix:
• Single player unlocks achievements properly.

In Age of Empires II: HD Edition, fans of the original game and new players alike will fall in love with the classic Age of Empires II experience. Explore all the original single player campaigns from both Age of Kings and The Conquerors expansion, choose from 18 civilizations spanning over a thousand years of history, and head online to challenge other Steam players in your quest for world domination throughout the ages. Originally developed by Ensemble Studios and reimagined in high definition by Hidden Path Entertainment, Microsoft Studios is proud to bring Age of Empires II: HD Edition to Steam!

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От: SpaceGEC [4|5] | Дата 2016-12-12 20:07:02

О отлично сборка с четырьмя DLC и полностью на русском, удаляю старую сборку и качаю отсюда новую)

SpaceGEC думал несколько дней и добавил:

ну и где полная русская версия???
От: DIACORP [125|40] | Дата 2013-05-13 10:21:15

Вот и обновление :)
Внушительный список улучшений и исправлений.
От: pugal0 [81|38] | Дата 2013-04-06 17:12:17

После прохождения кампании за Жанну Д'арк еще в старой версии, помню прочитал её биографию и обнаружил что разработчики моделировали реальную историю. Фамилии действующих лиц, сражение за Орлеан вплоть до реки, так где должна была быть река, моста и маленького островка на ней, коронация короля - все это реальные исторические события. Упрощенные конечно и масштаб войск не тот, но все равно это одна из причин, за которую уважаю эту игру. Думаю, и с другими кампаниями дело обстоит так же.

Если будете играть, не забудьте нажать кнопку "Включить дополнительные команды" над мини-картой, которая добавит на панель кнопки поведения юнитов, такие как "патрулировать", "защищать", степень агрессивности. Сейчас еле нашел её. А то только и будете что собирать по всей карте сагрившиеся на врага отряды :)
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Может и с людьми как-нибудь поиграть получится. В своё время такая возможность была упущена. А воспоминания теплые. Еще и для экрана большого всё подогнано. Да, потрясающе.
От: Koldyn [13|37] | Дата 2013-04-06 15:46:56

Класс! Класс! Класс! УРА!!!!!
От: DIACORP [125|40] | Дата 2013-04-06 09:55:07

Неужели... :)